Connecting an Apple Wireless Keyboard to a Symbian Nokia Mobile Phone

So I have an Apple Wireless Keyboard, sleek aluminium design, neat.

And I have a Nokia e61, business model, no camera, no radio, but a fairly good wireless capability and a way too small QWERTY keyboard to do anything sensible with.

Connecting the two ought to be simple. Here’s how I did it, and with some help from Jakob, a high-school blogger from Finland, I managed to hook them up. No documentation anywhere to be had – it’s fairly straightforward but you need the little trick described below.

  1. Download the Nokia Wireless Keyboard App from Nokia. It’s made to be used with Nokia’s own keyboard, but it conforms to standards, fine, thanks.
  2. Start the app onboard your Symbian box.
  3. Turn on the keyboard. The little green lights blinks.
  4. Go to Options -> Find Keyboards -> Search.
  5. When your keyboard shows up, do Select. (If your immediate vicinity is full of Bluetooth-enabled stuff – yaaay electrosmog! – it might be a good idea to first pair your keyboard with a laptop and rename it to something easily identifiable).
  6. Immediately thereupon – and this’s the undocumented and crucial little trick: do it right away, don’t wait for prompts – punch a code e.g. "1111" on your keyboard, immediately followed by <ENTER>.
  7. Your phone will ask you for the passcode. Enter it on your phone.
  8. You’re doing it. You are with it. You are sooo mobile.



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