PROMISE project successfully completed

The PROMISE project which has been the driving force behind moving the CLEF initiative from a workshop to an independent conference has now completed its three-year cycle. This has been a very successful project which has collected many or even most of the evaluation-oriented research sites around Europe, and besides being productive it has been a pleasant effort to work with this set of colleagues and friends. (Not only pleasant, however: the sad and untimely passing of our colleague and friend Emanuele Pianta, the scientific director of CELCT, in an automobile accident did leave us all saddened.)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Emanuele Pianta in a discussion

And I am happy to quote one of the reviewers of the project at the final review: “CLEF has branched out and has come closer to the real world; this is probably the most important outcome of the project”. This is something we worked hard to achieve and I am very pleased to see that it appears to be noticeable by outside assessors as well!