Talk for IT strategists: “Big Data – att hålla reda på vad som sägs om en”

I was invited to give a talk at “CIO/CMO Business Value” organised by IDG for IT strategists and CIOs. I gave some examples of what can be found in social media today and how those cases can be viewed as examples of business value. In the discussion I stressed two points:

  1. to make media monitoring informative, the client must engage in modelling their need: there is no general case; and
  2. for media monitoring to become a tool of real business value the insights learned from monitoring must be piped into real business processes and to make those insights truly actionable — to make this happen it is a good idea to bring the person in the organisation responsible for customer contacts to the table. Menno van Doorn, the speaker before me, recommended organisations to institute a Chief Customer Officer to bring together marketing and information processes, if they did not already have one. This seems like an excellent idea!


Slides are here.