SEXI workshop

The 2nd edition of the SEXI workshop was held in conjunction with the 2016 WSDM conference in San Francisco. (The first edition was held at the 2013 WSDM in Rome). The discussions ranged from filtering content to suit specific audiences to notions of appeal, pleasure, and affect as target measures for evaluating interaction. Eventually some ideas for a shared task were crystallised. A lesson we debated with some interest was why we had such trouble attracting corporate speakers, even while many of the large internet companies are quite engaged in technology with relevance for the topic. The interest was considerably higher at the event in Rome; cultural differences between Europe and the US were thought to have some effect on this. The response from one company which openly works with adult material as a matter of course was
“Thanks for getting in touch. While this sounds very interesting, we are
unfortunately unable to participate.

Thank you and best of luck with the workshop!”

Which of course is somewhat disappointing.

Rembrandt, peep

It would seem to be the responsibility of technologists not to be wary of understanding human behaviour if they are to provide better services for those same humans!