The adjective decadent is included in several lists of negative terms compiled for sentiment analysis systems, but how is the term used? I looked in real life data from customer reviews and news.

  • … Eating one is good. Eating two is great. Eating three is decadent, and awesome on an
    empty stomach. Eat four and you start to feel sick. …
  • Love this amazing fusion dessert. Sounds exotic and looks soooo decadent. …
  • A tailored take on the label’s romantic aesthetic, Elie Saab’s crepe jumpsuit is a
    decadent choice for evening events
  • So let’s all raise a glass and hope we get many more decades of this decadent local staple
  • Dense and wickedly chocolatey, the decadent dessert is best shared for greater enjoyment.
  • I’m surrounded by soft, glowing candles while enjoying a glass of rich red wine and a box
    of decadent dark chocolate
  • If you’re feeling decadent, put a pinch of crumbled bacon or a couple of sun-dried
    tomatoes in an egg white omelet
  • Come join us for some more decadent daytime disco and house partying
  • … and many more examples

Almost none were negative. Most frequent topic was chocolate.